Archive | February 2013

When facade dies

There will be times when I break and cry,
times where I am on the verge of destruction,
the atoms in me cry,
I feel it, I feel it;
I smell chemicals of hatred,
and the passion of hellfire,
my throat a blockage of screams,
as I plead for an escape.

There will be times when I break and cry,
times where I imagine myself,
sitting by the building ledge,
mind howling and heart barking,
like a devil of lamentation,
as I plead for an escape.

Soon, I say,
it will be over,
and there will be that girl who wears her smile,
so thin and fragile her porcelain skin might shatters,
soon –

But not now. It’s too soon.



He was there and I was there,too.
It was a good movie reel and we were laughing our days away, tears slipping and hands over our stomach.
We were there, together,
and it was good.

Then she came and I saw a third character.
I watched in muted silence when she talked,
and you responded with the best smile possible.

Suddenly the movie stopped,
the clip failed and the scenes broken, shattered – gone.
I was here but not you,
I laughed alone – at myself – while you laughed with someone else,
I waited and you never came.

Do you think I could have taken the chances of telling you how I feel?

The cage of loneliness

It’s odd that we spend so much time looking into other people’s books of life and neglect our own.

We spend hours trying to solve the codes of their secret books and forget our own.

And we spend so much trying to make them busy and abandon the beauty of our own pages.

There is only so little space we give to our own stories.

Invisible Partner

There were times when,

everything was beautiful,

the picture a merciful,

and we were there,
you and I.

Today I woke up,

with no picture,

no melody,

no echo,

no you,
no us.

Where have you gone missing?

Treasure Hunt

“Let’s play a game.”


“What are you hiding?”

“A bunch of things.”

“Tell me one.”

“My heart.”

“Is there anyone to steal it?”

“Let’s put it this way;  I am a bounty, you are the hunter. And apparently, you have stolen the main prize.