A song she churns,

                In a heart that mourns,

                When blues paint her,

                The heart bleeds bruise


what it means to write


Feel again

I like the warmth your hand gives
the kind words your lips speak
the delicate attention your eyes reveal
the gentle stroke your fingers do
the soothing thought your mind possessed
the genuine hug your arms throw
the stunning spark your skin has
the fiery kiss your breath exerts

I like you and only you.

Perhaps it is love I’m feeling once again.

Growing up

You wish you hadn’t

You wish you had stayed small
young, innocent, playful
full of tricks and pranks
everyday is a Halloween
and there’s nothing else you need to worry

You wish you hadn’t

You wish to go back
maybe not every day but sometimes you do
you want to have those moments back
you miss them
your childhood

You wish you didn’t have to

But you did.
You grew up.

Loose brakes

Brakes don’t last forever,

they don’t,

they can’t,

always keep you

from driving too fast.

Tires sink low and

engines busy, horrid.

Brakes can break,

brakes will break,

until then what will be

the one that hold you back?