a greeting to our muse.

❝we are but the same creature breathing under the same sky❞


There are a few things that sometimes, we may find it difficult to utter in words, so one alternative way to deliver it would be through writing; scribbles, poetry, stories, you name it. This is a place for (a) traveling writer(s), those who wish to write but are reluctant due to some invisible barriers keeping you away from your muse. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box neither am I one of those talented writers out there but I love to write, I love words, I breathe words because they are my muse. While I may not be a gifted or talented young writer myself, I know people who are – people who have inspired me in one way or the other.

A special gratitude to be dedicated to my lovely online big sister, Zyn for being an amazing person as well as writer that – without she herself realizing – have motivated me to write more, or if not, strive for the better.

⌈In contrast from the exceptionally formal greeting stated above ⌋

❝A secondary, public blog that will, hopefully, satisfy our (my) muse. Short stories, poetry, vignettes or even book and movie reviews will be included here although it will not be limited to just those. You will not be seeing consecutive update on entries written in this chamber, however, I will write whenever my brain is being cooperative. And here I am, saying my hello towards you who read this with focused eyes and attentive ears. Welcome to the house of words. ❞ – Shiki

This is a “shared house” and I’m sharing this chamber with a few other great, talented people. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your stay.


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